Exhibit at Kennedy Heights Art Center April 30 – June 11

The New Guy

When I started at the Cincinnati Post in 1974 we were located at 800 Broadway. The building was originally designed and built for the Cincinnati Time-Star. It exists today to serve functions of the Juvenile Court system but a lot of the physical references to it’s days as a newspaper producer remain.

When I was informed that I would be hired, visions of Nikons and lenses began to dance in my head. The reality was that Jack Klumpe, the Chief Photographer and my boss handed me a used Nikon with a 35mm lens and instructions to go to Provident Camera where they would let me sign for a film loader. No little yellow and green boxes of Tri-X. We spooled our own film from 100′ rolls.

Early on in new job at the Post I took a walk downtown and encountered this fellow gracefully painting a doorway. It was and remains one of my favorites. It will be part of White People: A Retrospective.


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