Exhibit at Kennedy Heights Art Center April 30 – June 11

800 Broadway

An Early Evening Arrival at The Drop In Center for Homeless Men.

When you entered the lobby of 800 Broadway you immediately sensed it was not just another office tower on the fringe of downtown Cincinnati. If you missed some of the architectural details that said newspapering took place here, the odor of printing ink would surely declare the building’s purpose.

On my first morning of work after being greeted by my boss, Jack Klumpe, and introduced to what ever staff photographers that were present, I was in my darkroom when at approximately 10 am the presses started rolling and the floor under my feet vibrated. It was an exciting moment. Now all I had to do was produce work worthy enough to be printed in The Cincinnati Post.

As I recall, the first news event the paper sent me on was a water main break on West 8th Street, on the approach to the viaduct. The resulting picture certainly didn’t move me into the company of Gordon Parks or W. Eugene Smith, but the picture had my credit line. At least for the time being I had arrived.


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