Exhibit at Kennedy Heights Art Center April 30 – June 11

A Little Tech Information

Men with giant Rosary

There are 60 photographs in the exhibit White People: A Retrospective at Kennedy Heights Arts Center. With the exception of one photograph, all the prints are digital. All of the black and white photographs were shot on film. The color photographs were made with digital cameras. The Cincinnati Post supplied its staff photographers with Nikon cameras and lenses. At the original location at 800 Broadway we each had a private darkroom. We rarely shot color. When we moved our operation to 125 East Court we shared a large common darkroom. It was at our new location that we began the transition from black and white to color. First we shot color film, mostly Fuji. The film was processed in house and each photographer made their respective prints. We then went digital with the Nikon D1. To me the camera is a tool that gets me to a end result. Be it digital or film, my goal is to make photographs that have impact.

I don’t spend a lot of time discussing the technical side of photography, but for those of you who are interested: I used mostly Tri-X film, sometimes pushed one or two stops until the coming of the T-Max films. When we converted to color film, I really loved the Fujicolor films, especially the 800 speed.  For the exhibit, film was scanned with a Nikon Coolpix V scanner. Prints were made with a Epson 2200 on Ilford paper.


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