Exhibit at Kennedy Heights Art Center April 30 – June 11

Word People – Picture People

Demolition Derby, Kenton County (KY) Fair, 2004

Sometimes that picture that is worth a thousand words comes up a few words short. I’ve always enjoyed working with writers who I felt captured the event we covered together. One of the early influences in my career path was a book by the photographer Richard Avedon and the writer James Baldwin, I felt that Nothing Personal was the perfect marriage of words and photographs.

At The Cincinnati Post it was my pleasure to work with some very great writers. They had the ability to capture the essence of the assignment with words and at the same time did not get in the way of the photographer. This was not always the case.

When I first thought of doing White People:A Retrospective I contacted local writer Kathy Y. Wilson. I first became aware of her through her column Your Negro Tour Guide in City Beat. Eventually we worked together on a piece for Cincinnati Magazine on homicides entitled Unfinished Lives. When I told Kathy about my idea she immediately signed on. She created “Ghosts In the Machine”, a”suite” of three pieces that are provocative and create discussion.

Working with Terrence Hammonds  Kathy artfully installed her suite on the Sun Porch of the Kennedy Heights Arts Center.


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